Trained by BBC News, Steve McKenna is an award winning

journalist and broadcaster who has : marketed the Spice Girls,

had a hit record, does movie voice-overs, presented shows for

every major TV channel in the UK, holds a doctorate in

metaphysics, has broadcast illegally from Cuba for BBC

Radio 1,been forced to strip naked by Westlife, he has coeliac

disease, he once spent the day with George Clooney, Brad Pitt

and Matt Damon, he introduced Shirley Manson to Butch Vig

to form Garbage, has broadcast live from the Oscars for BBC

News, written comedy for Radio’s 2 and 4, introduced

Quentin Tarantino to haggis, his mother was a faith healer, his father was an opera singer turned private detective, his 10 year old daughter has been appearing with him on the radio since the age of 2 and……lots more that you’re probably better chatting to him about. Get in touch using the contact page.

Steve McKenna Event Consultant, Planner and MC.


Steve McKenna Events Planner, M.C., DJ in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Lanarkshire, Ayrshire, Stirling, Lothian and throughout Scotland and the UK.

Complete with fully staffed Conference, Party, Charity Events Company supplying staging, sound, lights, projectors, screens, up-lighters.

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