ZOOM Christmas Parties 2020

Personalised Parties From Our Bespoke TV Studios

Book Your Party Now!

Drop us an email with the date you'd like and we'll either email or call you back (let us know which you'd prefer) with available dates and times. The average party starts with arrivals, where your friends and colleagues are greeted on arrival and put into breakout rooms to chat.  We allow 30 minutes for everyone to get on-line. 

Each half-hour after that is packed with anything from a tribute act, solo musician, magic act, party game, quiz or karaoke.  We recommend around 4 of these half hours.  This gives the balance of feeling like you've seen and done 'stuff' but it's not too long. 

That's just our recommendation and if you want to go for more or less we will be delighted to accommodate that.  When your party comes to an end we'll hand over control to you and you can continue chatting/partying with your friends for a further two hours, at no additional charge. 

The next step is to click the email and let us know when you'd like to come and party with us.